Traffic Crash Statistics

Traffic Crash Statistics: New York

Rear-end collision on the rise in New York

Rear-end collision on the rise in New York

Totals: All
Fatalities: 29
Injuries: 7,943
Totals: Motorist
Fatalities: 10
Injuries: 5,757
Totals: Bicycle
Fatalities: 1
Injuries: 373
Totals: Pedestrian
Fatalities: 18
Injuries: 1,813
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I was involved in an rear end accident

Rear ended, What Now!

Question: There was a vehicle accident on the Long Island Expressway, with NYFD and EMT rescue as well as NYCHP on the scene. After slowing down due to the accident, I was hit from behind.

The car was coming was coming up pretty fast and struck me from behind. Me and my girlfriend were injured, and transported to the nearest hospital. We were released after a couple of hours and given pain medication.

My girlfriend and I are still feeling pain. I have full coverage, the other driver only has liability. My insurance hasn’t seen the damage to my car yet (It’s totaled) What do I do next?


You should report the accident to your own insurance company. After already seeking medical care he next step is to hire an attorney to discuss the next steps. Never speak with an insurance reps from the other person who hit you.  Let your attorney do all the talking. Insurance adjusters have an interesting habit of trying to get you to record a  statement saying you are “I’m ok – not so injured”.

Often times accident victims, due to an adrenaline rush, are unaware that they are more injured then they first thought. They will manipulate your words and later can use your own words against you.

Rear end accident attorney

I was involved in an accident.

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