More often than we’d like to here at our law firm an injured car accident victim will call to discuss a claim that has already been signed-off on.

The insurance company has has the the victim sign papers giving up their rights! When asked why they signed the paperwork – the victim responds with “I needed the money”.

Sadly, the small amount that this victim settled for is pennies compared to what they should of gotten.  Not having an attorney represent you, gives the insurance company power over the situation. They will ask you to sign paperwork, with no questions asked or answered.

One of those documents will be an authorization for the insurer to directly contact your doctors, before and after the accident, gaining accessibility to all medical records and information — Never should an insurance company be allowed to do this.

Medical information regarding your injuries and any treatment should not be provided directly to the insurance company. A NY personal injury lawyer is specifically there to protect you from being manipulated or railroaded by an insurance company.

Injury records after an accident from a doctor should be reviewed by your attorney and not handed directly over t an insurance company. If a record is incorrect or misleading, that information can be used against you by the insurance company.

The insurance company will also ask you to sign a release. Signing such a release can result in losing your rights just compensation.

DO NOT SIGN,EXCEPT MONIES, OR SETTLE your case, until you’ve been treated for any injuries and have received a  doctor report.

DO NOT SIGN, EXCEPT MONIES, OR SETTLE your case until you have spoken to an attorney.

Sign a release form is the point of no return.  It can not be undone!

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