Vison Zero New York is up to the challenge.

If you already didn’t primary goal is to is to protect the public. New York needs safer streets. Statistically, in New York, close to 4,000 New Yorkers are seriously injured and over 250 are killed each year in traffic accidents.

Vision Zero Building Awareness

reckless driving thrills but kills

Being struck by a vehicle is the leading cause of injury-related death for children under 14, and the second leading cause for seniors. On average, vehicles seriously injure or kill a New Yorker every two hours.

There is no magic trick that will put a stop to traffic fatalities in new York City. But, New York has created an extraordinary campaign to build awareness in an attempt to get drivers and pedestrians alike to act responsible and be safe. New York is up to this challenge.

Download the Vision Zero Action Plan (pdf)

Rear-end accidents in New York can result in serious injury: whiplash, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and often times death. That’s when victims or surviiving family members need an experienced NY personal injury attorney.

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