Fatal New York Limo Crash – Brakes Never Fixed???!!

ALBANY, N.Y. – This is frightening. According to investigative reports workers at a Mavis Discount Tire shop falsified records to make it look as if they completed brake work on a limousine before it crashed and killed 20 in Schoharie, New York, last year. The work was never performed, according to Virgil Park, the shop’s former manager who was terminated in February.

Virgil Park, the ex shop manger told prosecutors last month that he purchased a brake master cylinder on May 4, 2018, for the 2001 Ford Excursion stretch limo.

Contaminated brake fluid – Catastrophic brake failure

Brake master cylinders use rubber seals that can break down and wear out over time. … Aside from contaminating the fluid, a brake master cylinder with worn seals will not be able to hold brake pressure as effectively and may result in a mushy pedal or one that slowly sinks to the floor.

The part, which converts force from the driver’s foot into hydraulic pressure on the brakes, was never installed despite an invoice saying it was.

Park claims the part was returned to Advance Auto Parts eight days later, according to a letter filed in court last week by Schoharie County District Attorney Susan Mallery, whose office conducted the interview.

On Oct. 6, 2018, the same stretch limo blew through an intersection before striking a parked vehicle in the parking lot of the Apple Barrel Country Store. The crash killed the driver, two bystanders and 17 passengers who were en route to celebrate a birthday.

FYI Brake Failure:

  • A “leak” in the brake pipes is causing brake fluid to escape or leak out, and therefore there is not enough fluid to transfer pressure.
  • Brake efficiency can be compromised by damaged seals that allow pressure to “escape”.
  • The brake linings (brake pads) have become worn and therefore require increasing levels of pedal actuation to engage the brakes.
  • Brake efficiency can be reduced by brakes overheating or even the brake fluid boiling or breaking down.





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