Are you driving a dengerous car?

Can you and your passengers survive a car crash? Find out which vehicles perform better and which the worst. IIHS, which is “dedicated to reducing the frequency and consequences of crashes on U.S. roads,” rated the cars. 24/7 Wall St. examined the ratings and identified the seven current-generation models that received a “marginal” or “poor” rating in two of the four categories.

1. Dodge Ram 1500
> Bad ratings: side-marginal; rollover-marginal
> 2011 sales: 156,983
> JD Power Initial Quality: 2/5

he agency found fault with the Ram’s performance on frontal impact tests but not with side impact tests.

2. Chevrolet Colorado Crew Cab
> Bad ratings: side-poor; rollover-marginal; rear-marginal
> 2011 sales: 31,026
> JD Power Initial Quality: 3/5

The small pickup performed quite poorly in the IIHS tests, earning a “poor” side-impact grade and “marginal” grades for rollover and rear safety.

3. Mazda CX-7
> Bad ratings: rollover-marginal; rear-marginal
> 2011 sales: 35,641
> JD Power Initial Quality: 4/5

Despite “good” scores in front and side impact ratings, low grades in rollover and rear-impact measures go against perceptions that the CX-7 is a safe car to drive.

4. Mazda CX-9
> Bad ratings: rollover-marginal; rear-marginal
> 2011 sales: 34,421
> JD Power Initial Quality: 4/5

The CX-9 also had the lowest strength-to-weight ratio of all midsize SUVs tested by the IIHS. This ratio measures how much force a car’s roof can handle before it crushes five inches, and then it is divided by the weight of the car.

5. Pathfinder
> Make: Nissan
> Bad ratings: rollover-marginal; rear-marginal
> 2011 sales: 25,935
> JD Power Initial Quality: 3/5

The Nissan Pathfinder earned “marginal” ratings in rollover and rear-impact testing from the IIHS. The Pathfinder’s performance in government rollover tests is likewise troubling, as it registered an estimated 20% to 30% risk of rolling over during testing.

6. Wrangler
> Make: Jeep
> Bad ratings: side-marginal (2-door), side-poor (4-door); rear-marginal (both)
> 2011 sales: 122,460 (all Wranglers), 46,803 (2-door), 75,657 (4-door)
> JD Power Initial Quality: 3/5

This version of the Wrangler also received a “marginal” rear-impact rating, yet was also given a “poor” side-impact rating. During a recent IIHS side-impact test, a dummy was struck by the steel bars supporting the four-door Wrangler’s convertible roof.

7. SX4
> Make: Suzuki
> Bad ratings: rollover-marginal, rear-marginal
> 2011 sales: 12,520
> JD Power Initial Quality: 2/5

The Suzuki SX4 performed poorly in rollover and rear-test ratings. Among the more than 30 small cars tested by the IIHS, the SX4 was the only small car to receive two scores of “marginal” or “poor” out of four ratings. Similarly, the SX4 also received a “fair” rating, the second-lowest possible, in government side-crash testing.

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